Latest 1640 firmware

is the BSOB the latest 1640´s firmware? thanks

Until now yes :slight_smile:

I’m gonna risk being boring and ask if/when is BSPB coming ? :wink:

It is really difficult to answer. Who know?

Anyway, why are you asking this? Do you have some specific problems with available firmwares?

Well I don’t really have a problem with any 1640 firmware (currently @ BSLB) but it’s always usefull to know if a new fw is coming :smiley:

At least TYG03 & YUDEN000T03 strategies require serious improvement. Burners from other brends (i.e. Pioneer & TYG03) handle these media much better. And Benq 1640 BSOB produces mediocre results both with stock stratagy and SolidBurn. Taking into account that 16x Taiyo Yuden media is becoming more and more widespread, this is a serious problem needed to be fixed.

You can say that again !!! I thought I was the only one having problems burning YUDEN000T03 with my 1640 :frowning: When I saw the thread [B] Re: latest 1640 firmware [/B] I got excited thinking a new firmware is out for the 1640 :frowning:

I agree :iagree:

And I hope that benq will not forget 1640 to improve only 1650/55 burners

My only (and very few) unreadable discs come from the 1640 and the last was TY/TYG03 @ 16x. (That poor result made me look here too. -Well T03 isn’t great either) :wink:

I got rid of my 1640 for a 1655 and couldn’t be happier.

Only problem ive had is my tray is/was slow to open, removed the drive took it apart and found something sticky spilled on ther front bezel, all cleaned up but after sitting for awhile it still hesitates to open for a second, got a 1650 coming thursday from newegg just in case the 1640 dies.

You shouldn’t expect any improvement while burning with 16x IMHO. The problem appears to be related to the chipset. Just burn at 12x or less and be happy :slight_smile: