Latest 1640 Firmware? BSMB?

What is the latest BENQ 1640 firmware that will work on a Plextor 740a crossflashed drive. I have BSMB from this website currently on my drive.

I saw there is BSOB…is that older or newer, I would think newer. And also, is this drive rip-locked? Thanks a bunch, there are so many sticky’s and posts regarding this subject it is hard to get a straight answer to your question.

BSOB is the latest. you can remove the riplock with MCSE:

then flash the patched firmware.

i get the best results with BSLB, it’s older than BSMB but produces lower jitter. newer isn’t always better.

i get the best results with BSLB, it’s older than BSMB but produces lower jitter. newer isn’t always better.

I have gone back to it also :iagree:

Interested in BSOB firmware, please take a read in this thread, just a few threads down. :slight_smile:

I agree with above posters but BSOB is till worth a try.
On my 1640 the lead-out time is shorten on both types of media (+/-R) when disabling WOPC.

But isn`t BSMB better for -R than other FW?


I am interested in +R burn quality if someone can shed some light on that as well…

on BSLB, I get 17-80 PIF totals with yuden000t02-00 (Fuji 8x DVD+R MIJ [Made In Japan]). BSLB gives me the most consistent results of any f/w so far, especially in helping keep the jitter lower.

What are your settings? SB? etc. -thanks :iagree:

I have SB on known/unknown; WOPC-on; Overspeed-off (burn at 8x). Nothing special, really–plus I check the dye side for specks/dust, then blow it off with canned air before putting it in the tray to close and burn.

Yep… I need to get a can of air… thanks that are my settings also, I have had
trouble burning at 8X, that is, I have trouble with playback. I am thinking now it
must be my player, Hitachi DV-P543U. The thing is when I burn at 4X everything is fine.

The speed you burn at should not affect playback, unless the PIE is over 280 on some spots, especially if you run a ‘Benchmark’ test on your DVD’s readability (in Nero CD-DVD Speed) on the Transfer Rate test, you get a big dip or several dips in the transfer curve–and you hear your burner slow down to have to read those spots. Otherwise, if could be that Hitachi doesn’t like +R media, so if that’s the case, be sure to set the DVD+R bitsetting under QSuite (if you have a BenQ1640 burner) 2.1 to change the booktype from DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Actually, just check to see this is set, as that is the default on mine, anyway. Check that out.

I see you are in TX I am next door to you in LA, if you would please check out this thread it has scans and problem. BTW I have the bit set to DVD-ROM

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Yes, BenQ optimised the -R write strategy as of BSMB (that means the changes are present in BSNB and BSOB too). I don’t burn a ton of -R, but I noticed TYG02 were the same and FUJIFILM03 was significantly improved. If you’ve got some questionable -R, it’s a good choice.

As for +R, I don’t think the strategies have undergone a significant change. BenQ got em pretty right the first time around.

Tks tehGrue

Actually i use many -R media also, and i did notice that, too. Anyway, i have my Plextor for that -R stuff, even +R is burned witm same/better quality as Benq…oops! :disagree:

I have, for instance, MCCRG020 ( not 100% correct the ID, since i use my memory ), -R, that is burned with PIE under 20 always, and the TA TEST on Plextools is also always Excellent/VeryGood.

Benq 1640 cant get those results, dont now why :confused:

In resume: Other stuff i have, que quality did improve since BSMB, with Benq matching Plextor or doing it a litle better :bigsmile: