Latest 160P6S f/w looks good

PS0C f/w for my 160P6S seems to have improved burning quite a bit, at least on the less than excellent batch of 16x Verbies I’m currently using (MCC 004). My Litey had pretty much been an “also ran” burner compared with my BenQ and Pioneer, but now it looks much better.

The attached scans are from burns of the same data on (1) 160P6S with PS0C f/w, (2) BenQ 1650 with BCIC f/w, and (3) Pioneer 111D @ 111L with 8.29 f/w. All burns were done at 12x. PIEs are similar for all three. Pio PIF totals are very slightly lower than Litey PIFs, but the Litey quality score is better.

There’s not been much said about the PS0C f/w, but it’s available here:

Where can I get the PS0C firmware?

edit: nevermind, I see that you linked it in your thread. duh!