Last Two Days Of Verbatim Sales




Just a reminder-

Tomorrow (3/13/2005) is the last day of the two big Verbatim sales- has the Verbatim 16x three 25 piece cakeboxes for $28 shipped after $30 Mail In Rebate- has the Verbatim 8x - 100 piece cakebox for $30 shipped after $30 Mail In Rebate-

These are great prices for some very good medias-



Think I’ll wait for the usual bargains in the Sunday paper. No rebates involved.


same here.


No more verbatim/ rebates for me :frowning:


rebates suck.


Do I detect dissention in the ranks…


We already have to give interest free loans to the government. Don’t need to do the same for some scumbag company…


A valid point…
How are things on the eastern slope of the Rockies?