Last sector is unreadable (I read the FAQ)


I just got my LiteOn 40x along with a pack of Verbatim 40x. I can burn at 40x but I get the “last sector is unreadable” stuff. However I am able to read back my CD’s (copied them back to my HD) without any problem. Also when I burned a CD without multi-session, with DAO and finalize everything was perfect.

I know the FAQ says that I sould not worry but still if anybody has a little more details about this it would be great. Also, during the burning phase my LED goes orange (burning speed is reduced is that it?) and the burner takes a long time to burn this unreadable sector (can take 20 seconds) so this is a bit annoying.

I don’t think it is related to the media as I was able to burn a 698M CD perfectly and the last sector error also occurred on a multi-session 550M disc…

Thanks in advance for any info

Anyone on this issue?

This last sector does not take 20 sec. It’s lead in and lead out what takes some seconds.

And read that DMA stuff in the FAQ again. I don’t think that your DMA is enabled.

No I am not talking about Lead out. This happens before leading out. And I have checked DMA and everything is fine…

this happens with TAO writing…write in DAO and this will not happen

That’s funny… I get that last sector unreadable problem as well, and I always write in DAO mode. (LTR-32123S/Nero)

I’ve also seen some factory-pressed CD-ROMs that do this.

Some data CDs that my friends burned on different equipment also do this.

I wonder if it’s a Nero problem. It seems that half the time it just ignores what I tell it to do anyway… :frowning:

godzilla: as I said I do not have this issue. When I set up Nero to DAO it worked fine for me… Maybe you could try to upgrade your firmware and your Nero version…

Found out what it was… The Nero wizard goofs up. If I don’t use the wizard, then it will actually do DAO and cure the bad sector disease.

Well, I don’t use Nero’s wizard and everytime when I set burning mode to DAO instead of TAO, it resets back to TAO after I have restarted Nero. :a
BTW, I also got this problem somehow… A month ago, but by reading slower/ using the new CDCheck from Nero, the problem is gone now. :slight_smile:

I’ve the same problem with my RICOH 32x CDR Media, and it happened with CLONECD when I burn CD from Image.

10 CDs burned @ different speed 12x/24x/32x/40x also have the same problem, last sector marked with red (unreadable) using nero cd speed - surface scan with the burner.

I’m glad I stumbled upon this thread. I was experiencing the “last sector is unreadable” issue with my Memorex 48x12x48x (rebadged LiteOn). The FAQ, which I should have read first :stuck_out_tongue: set me straight. Question. . . why does this occur when using TAO and not DAO? Is it an issue with Nero CD Speed, or with the burner itself?

Oh, I thought I’d pass this on as well. . . Last night I picked up a 50 spindle of Fuji (TY) 80min 48x certified media at our local K-Mart here in NE Pennsylvania. The price listed on the shelf was $17.99, but they scan up at the register for $11.99. I think I’m going to go back today and pick up another spindle before they revert back to the unadvertised sale price.

This old thread triggered an idea. As I’ve got an LTR-32123S handy ATM, I thought I’d test this quirk with FW XSU1 & Nero 5.599. The last sector bad problem does not occur in TAO mode.