Last Resort: ND3550A

Just got this the other day, set it up fine, and have experienced slow rip and burn speeds.

I have done my homework on this, and I have used the NEC-approved firmware, tried un/installing the secondary IDE, gone into the registry to toil with stuff from this website and I am still working at about 2x where my burner is at 16x.

A few notes on my system: 512 MB RAM, 2.8GHz CPU, 200GB HD, INTEL P4, XP.

Also, after all my work, in the Device Manager, where I select DMA if available, that box IS DMA if available, but the Current Transfer Mode is set and is inactive on PIO mode. I suspect this is the culprit, and that registry work might be the only solution - or this is a bum drive.

HELP! As you can see I’m a little flustered on this issue. :sad:

Hi and welcome to the forum.
A possible fix is to un-install any IDE drivers provided by your system or mainboard supplier and replace them with the default Microsoft IDE drivers.
This might get UDMA mode enabled for your drive.
You may also have to check the settings in your system BIOS.

The BIOS idea is a good one - though, I’m not sure what to do (or where to begin).

Set the IDE/DMA settings to AUTO in the BIOS.