Last Rebadged Pioneer

What is the last rebadged pioneer drive, I have a asus 1604p3s flashe to 111.
need to get another on as mu pioneer 108 is starting to stop burning with 2.4x dvd+r DL discs, gets to around 50% the stops.

The last ASUS drive with Pioneer internals = DRW-1608P3S.


why does it have to be a [I]rebadged[/I] pioneer?

Yeah, grab a 112 or 212 and get happy (burnings).

Cant get pioneers here in South africa any more, found some on ebay but no delivery to SA, can throw you dead with LG, Sony, Benq & Asus. Used to get Pioneer but no longer.

PX-810SA from Plextor is a rebadged Pio DVR-212D… hopefully you can find it where you’re at. :slight_smile:

ok, good luck with finding any :iagree: