Last of Winamp developers have left the building

I just posted the article Last of Winamp developers have left the building.

This is shocking and sad. According to BetaNews, the last of the original developers of the awesome program Winamp have left AOL. From reading this article we are lead to believe that all…

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It was pretty much an exercise in bloat and bugginess since version 3 anyway. I switched to other alternatives, notably QCD, a long time ago. XMPlay is another worthy player. A pioneer is gone but the player had long since ceased to be an innovative force and had become atypical of its new owner - overweight and underpowered.
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I have nothing to sigh since winamp has long been a bloat and plain ware wihtout its strength showing; jack of all trades if you like it.

Gentlemen, relax. I’m still running 2.93 and loving every minute of it. Lean, clean, DRM enforcing free music.

Yes, Winamp 3 was bloaty. And the Winamp developers recognized it. And that’s why they dumped Winamp 3. Do a bit of research and see what has happened before coming down too hard on Winamp; it’s obvious that you are not aware of Winamp 3’s fate. This is why Winamp has spent so much time on Winamp 5, which is actually just Winamp 2 with a few select Winamp 3 features. If you install the lite version of Winamp 5, you will get the exact same performance of Winamp 2, just with a 3-point version bloat (the decision to jump from 2.x to 5 even though the core was still 2.x was meant to be a cute one, but you’ll have to know the story behind the numbering jump).

Also, according to the Winamp forums, many of regulars and commnity members of those forums are laughing at the Beta News article for being blown out of proportion. There is still development going on, and still a sizeable chunk of personnel left, apparently.

I’m well aware of what happened after 3: it’s called giving an old car a new coat of paint (that’s not the original saying but I sanitized it for public use). 2.x was nothing to be proud of back then, let alone now. That’s when I left Winamp for one of the aforementioned alternatives. The whole “oops-we-were-wrong-let’s-go-back-to-the-one-thing-we-did-right” scenario that is 5 was too late for me. Elvis had already found something better and left the building.

Well Justin Frankel must be happy, He left a while back with a $50 million payout :X

Maybe he had kinda devil-may-care mood :B The AOL bond pisses you off, you make a big news event out of your leaving and you still have 50million bucks - mmmh whats next developer Justin Frankel?! I wish you a nice retirement … or start a new project :slight_smile: no sarcasm at all!

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