Last of the Sony TY's from Sam's Club not so good?

This strikes me as a below-par TY scan, is it just me or has it been a long winter? :confused:

Might be fakes?

What speed did you write at?

I can guarantee the Sony TY discs sold at Sam’s Club are legit. TY has sub-par batches just like anyone else.

And a LOT more of them lately too.

oooops, sorry - burnt at 8x, as usual. If these are like this, in general, is it asking for trouble later to keep them? I’d hate to toss a few spindles but they all seem to be in this range.

Here’s another one, this is starting to distoib me… At this point I’d really like to know if I should chuck the whole lot of 'em or will this be ok for archiving?


If you’re not happy, then complain to the vendor. Nothing will improve if the companies (Sony in this case) aren’t made aware of problems. And TY has been getting off scott free because of their name for FAR too long!

I don’t know if your writer supports it, but can you scan in cd/dvd speed with jitter to see what that’s like?

Also, try a burn at 4x or 6x just to see if you can salvage a good result from these.