Last Of The LiteOn SHW-160P6S Found Here


Sharing my three week + quest to locate a model match replacement for my LiteOn 160P6S - and found a small stach at $37 plus shipping Here:

If y’all want one - this may be your last chance-eh! :iagree: :iagree: :smiley:

Smart buy, [B]Bigmike[/B]. I’ve got three 6S-Series drives myself (two Sony’s and one Litey) :slight_smile:

They could send you anything

watch you 6

Got 2 myself Mike. Good drives! :iagree:

Could also possibly be found on clearance at your local Wal-Mart in either internal of external fashion. Found 4 external at my local a few weeks ago, should have gotten all 4 and e-bay’ed them to CDF members. :wink:

I ordered one also. Thanks Mike

man, people in here trophy “legendary” drives. I have 2 full tower case and each of them can only hold 4 optical drives since I only have 2 IDE lanes, and with each tower, I have an external burner hooked to it as well, so 10 drives total for 2 of my desktops. Seems like you guys buy ton of those drives. I wish one of my drives break down so I can try new stuffs. I am still using BenQ 1620 and NEC 3500 drives in both of my desktops. Dont you guys wanna move on to SATA drives???

This drive will go in my machine with SATA/IDE converter. I have 2 SATA ODD’s now. All 11 of my drives are ready to throw discs into. I can put 10 in one case if i choose but i have them in 2 pc’s. Soon i will have 7 drives in my new build, 3 in my older pc, and 1 in my external box. I also have a DVD burner in my laptop.

How much were they?

$35 on a Friday, down to $25 the following Wednesday.

I replaced my SHM-165P6S with an LH-20A1P, but I think the new drive is coming back out. I trust the 160’s and 165’s more. Too bad I’ve exceeded my budget for computer hardware this month!

Too bad.

I’ve had real good luck with my 20A1P but i haven’t ever had a 160 or 165 series before.

still out there in staple store I/O Magic IDVD168DL It is very old stock $39.95
( with pink clear wrap or bubble wrap and no label Sticker on the box )

Thanks Burnsama but i’d spend more money on gasoline than paying for shipping going to both of the Staples here and may not find one. Mike has it worse in Cali driving around i’m sure. It’s the convenience of just buying online and they are right there.

Lite-on is a scanner. It only burns crap media, like CMC M01 or CMC AM3, better than other brands.

Mike say’s it’s a good burner too :confused: So only use it as a scanner?

NJ gas price is premium $3.52 how about your place anyone ?

Just paid 2.93 for regular.

It’s $2.88/gal here in SW Missouri, today that is.