Last Fware for 107 not what version is safe?

searching and browsing ,i 've noticed many people,randomly, are having troubles with latest pioneer 107 drivers (would be 1.21 or .22 i don remember)

Expecially if modofied.
So which one ,Modified fware is most popular?

side note
Expecially ,i would like to find a region free one,
but WithOUT THe speed -write unlocker for the different cd brands,

as i would like to avoid to burn data higher than rated speeds ,
and i fear th if i remove limitation,then i can’t know which data -burn sped is the best for the certain media .

The last official fw is 1.22. A hacked version of it is not available. The previous fw was 1.21. It was hacked by >NIL: It is RPC1 + 12X Rip + nX4All. This fw has been working fine for me.

yep ,that one(NIL) ,if u browse ,caused various problems ,reported here and in other forums.
Is it “beta” labeled indeed.


do you write backwards by a chance? That grammar looks some kind of weird to me, even english isn’t my mother-tongue…

Use 1.22. That’s my advice.

How come pioneer US website firmware is 1.22 and the pioneer aus is still 1.21? I’ve tried to update my Pioneer DVR-107D with both firmwares but neither one of them detected my drive! What is wrong with it? The drive is connected on primary IDE by itself and is set to Master. I keep getting “Target not found” when I run the update exe… I believe the pioneer drive is currently at firmware 1.18 (originally from stock)

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