Last detected media: unknown



I’m using the following command line :

>nerocmd --write --real --close_session --drivename “e” --import --recursive --no_user_interact
ion --iso “test” c: est3

When I’m the NeroCMD.exe it’s burn well
But When I use , my compiled version NeroCMD I get the error

Imported volume name: test
Reading directories
Creating directories
Checking discs
Last detected media: unknown
Requested media: CD-R/RW

The disc is not empty.

Please insert an empty disc.
[#] User abort
// --------------------------------

The callback UserDialog() is receiving a message DLG_WAITCD_MEDIA_INFO , why The compiled version can’t detect the right midia type ?

I have noted that
>nerocmd --version
NeroCmd version
Nero API version
and the compiled version return
NeroCmd version
Nero API version

the NeroCMD is not the same version , the proble is here ?
What is the corret command line for the new version ?



I found a solution for that problens :wink:

The NeroCMD , is simulating
I change to simulate and its start do WORK

if (!NeroSetExpectedAPIVersionEx(6,0,0,0,ver))
puts(“Could not set NeroAPI simulated version number”);
printf ("Nero API last simulated version %d.%d.%d.%d


My question now is why , NeroAPIGlueConnect() don’t set a version that will work with de NeroCMD sample