Last Day for $20 100-Pk Verbatim DVDs @

I could’ve sworn I saw an thread here showing this already, but it you didn’t see it:

You can also get an additional 20% off if you pay with PayPal:

And another $1 or so (6%?) off per spindle if you go to Officemax.xom through Microsoft’s (like Google checkout):



CD-Rs are $12.99 for 100 Spindle:

My DVD+Rs were Made in Taiwan, but I heard the DVD-Rs might be Made in India. I also picked up some CDs which were Made in India.

Thanks they are AZO’s as well here where I am at.

Theres also a 20 off 100 here :slight_smile: dont know if it stacks with the paypal but if it dose that would be a sweet deal