Last chapter skips and /or hangs



I have an intermittent problem where the last chapter of a DVD movie I have burned skips and hangs. We all want to see how the movie ends, so of all chapters it has to be the last one! I use a Panasonic (Matsushita) DVD-R burner and burn at 2x speed. Most of my movies come out great, but it’s annoying to go through all the trouble only to find out that the end of the movie hangs. The process I go through is as follows: I use DVD decrypter to copy the DVD files to the HD. I then use DVD2One to isolate and compress the movie files to the HD. Then I use Copy to DVD to burn from the HD to the DVD writer. Like I said, it works 90% of the time. How would you begin to troubleshoot this problem?


What kind of media are you using? Sounds like the Panasonic is being picky with the media you’re trying to burn with it or you happened to get a bad disc.


I will admit I’m using the cheap stuff…mostly 50 cents or less after rebate. The funny thing is that it is intermittent, so most of the disks come out OK. I had thought it was something to do with the fact that the last chapters are written at the very outside edge of the disc, and since DVD 2one compresses to the exact size of a single DVD, I’m just wondering if my Panasonic is physically having trouble writing all the way out to the edge of the disc. I played a video file with PowerDVD last night and there was no problem yet the disc I burned from it had skips. This leads me to believe it is a write problem. I am going to use a cd drive cleaner disc (perhaps I have dust on the mirror) and see how that goes.


It might be many things: media, firmware of your standalone, both, burning software, etc.

I had a similar problem, to my mind it is the firmware of my standalone. The written disk plays flawlessly in my PC, in my XBOX, in my PS2, but the last chapter is a problem in my Philips DVP720SA.
So, in my case I could exclude: media, burner, software, remained the standalone.
Cleaning does not help, though useful.

My suggestion would be to use good media (TY, Verbatim, Ricoh, etc.) and to try another software, like AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 (


After cleaning the mirror on both my burner and the DVD player and changing media brands, I made a good clean copy of The Bourne Identity last night. I still don’t know my problem’s cause, but for now it’s working.