Last attempt

i just purchased a nec 3500a on new egg and i got it and it doesnt work… wont burn a dvd takes like 10 mins to read a dvd (it will play them) and even longer to load a cd. I cant burn a cd. And my startup is slow as hell. I got my dvd burner to master and my cd burner (memores 52x) set at slave. and i have two hardrives. Any suggestions?,…ive read alot on it and i dont know what to do now other than RMA the sum bitch

P.S. im not sure but it may be making funny noises
(amd athlon xp 2.31ghz overclocked
768mb ram)

OMG its burning a data dvd right now at 4x… :bow:

Well when you say your startup is slow as hell, was it slow as hell before you put the NEC in your 'puter?? Or did it become slow as hell after you put the drive in. My only reason for asking is because if it was slow before inserting the drive, and you have the type of machine you have…I’d venture to say y ou need to do some spring cleaning on your rig.

I never really mess around with spring cleaning though becuase I just tend to re-install everything. BTW, re-installing everything is easy if you consider restoring a ghost image “re-installing” :slight_smile:

yea it was fast before i put it in… the it was really slow so i changed the jumpers right and it goes a little fatser now
it wouldnt burn cds so i stopped trying but i just burned that dvd data disk and its fine.
but i just formatted my computer last night b/c i was so pised… the dvd drive wouldnt run windows xp cd so i had to take it out and use my red cd drive/burner…

i succsefully burned a dvd with shrink at 2.4x but now it wont read dvds and play them for some reason…some of them it will, but most dont. and the drive is making clicking noises…

Any one have any ideas? or do you think i should just say screw it and send it back for a replacment?

Hey big…

Couple things for ya. What type of media are you using? Have you run any tests on the media you have? Have you checked to make sure the drive is set to DMA? What Firm Ware are you running? If your useing quality media, have DMA on, and have the latest FW (2.18), then it might be RMA time. Oh a couple more things. Do you have any other burning software you can try and when all else fails, if you have one, try drive in another puter.