Last attempt on this forum <<Burning a mp3 cd>>

I have the latest version of nero. I have no problems making a mp3 cd if i want the track order sorted by artist, album, etc; but what is the easiest way to create a mp3 cd with the songs in the order that you choose. I ll look into getting another kind of software if i have to. I need help desparately on this.

In the order that you choose? Give them a number maybe?

Go get MusicMatch …Now! Dude.

It does everything you want and more w.r.t Music of course.

Thanks for the tips. I’ve figured out now that using media jukebox lets me sort the songs in the order that I want. I then use mp3 tagger to assign a number to the songs- And then burn them in the order that i want. I guess this is the easiest way?

I’m glad you found a way but honestly Music Mach is much easier to use and it works great!:smiley:

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Posted by damiandimitri
[b]you should give FEURIO a try…it is an audio only burning programm (the pro version can do a bit data)
Especially with the lame3.9x codec it works great with mp3

IT allows you do with mp3 what you want. [/b]

Posted by dfourthhorseman
[b]Its not really hard. For all my audio CD creations, I use Nero Express. Go to the part that says Music and choose MP3 Disc. Drop all your songs in, and now this part is up to you how you want to sort em out, you see the tabs on top of the file list, like “File Name” “Title” “Artist” etc., if you click on it it’ll sort em out in the manner provided. Since my MP3s are very well named, I can just sort by filename. Here’s my recommended naming for MP3s for complete albums.

<Artist> - <Album> - <Track No.> - <Title> 

You can also drag and sort it out that way.

As for M3U, I’m surprised you don’t know what that is, its just the file extension for a playlist. You can create it with many programs, and use it with many, Nero lets you use it too. I create and use mine with Winamp, which lets you make/edit/save em easily.

Btw, Nero, when adding (either dragging or file finding) will put the newest addtion on the top, so start with the last track if you do em individually[/b]

First of all I had no idea using all caps made me out to be rude. I usually type in all caps just to keep things simple. I had no idea that typing in all caps was the same as shouting. Anyways I changed this as soon as I could.

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Ok I’m sure this was said but I’ll explain it again.

Left click the song you wish to move

Drag it to the desired track location (up or down)

release left mouse button

repeat until songs are in desired order

Its that Easy!


i recently bought myself a new pc with all this nero stuff on it, and now i was trying to burn an mp3 cd for my mp3-player…

i do have the same problem as the shouting thread-starter - and if nero really had no function for manual file sorting, it would suck bad.

@Gunrunner45 - you seem to be using a different program without noticing it.

no one in this thread could give a good answer (ideas like giving numbers to some 200 files per cd are ridiculous) concerning nero, so changing the program seems to be the only possibility.

i have tried feurio - this shareware program sucks, it didnt even recognize my pioneer burner.

musicmatch jukebox indeed lets me change my order of files via drag and drop, BUT it does not allow any folders, which is just as confusing when trying to burn CDs for an mp3-cd player.

as for nero: i am using v6.0.0.22 (both express and ROM SE).

damn this should be such a simple feature, there just has to be an answer, please… :frowning: :frowning:


I am ella I am difficult to make and burning a mp3 in the nero express (nero startsmart) by LG, I hope u help me about it.



Hi Ella and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Its quite possible that you did not notice, but this thread is almost 7 years old. Nevertheless, since you asked, what is it exactly that you want to do? Burn mp3 files as music on a CD so that you can play it in a CD player? Or just store these files as data on a CD/DVD?

In the first case you need to compile an audio CD, just choose this option in pic1 and add the mp3 files you want. Otherwise, choose data in pic1 and again add the files.

The pic is from Nero Express 6 but it should be the same/similar with newer versions (if you are using a newer version)