LASERLOK and Mitsumi 4804TE

hiho, i’ve tried to burn desperados (i think it uses laserlok protection) with clonecd v3.0.5.1 and mitsumi 4804te - no success. has anybody experience in burning laserlok protected cds with clonecd and this mitsumi burner ?

peace, iLUVATAR

To copy LaserLock your burners needs to support SubChannel Date reading (16 bytes) :frowning: Maybe your burner can’t do it (check the CloneCD Hardware Requirements)…

I see that ot does however support the writing of the Subs so you may have to use a different unit for reading. Please note that reading of a LaserLock protected game can take quite some time.

this unit does support reading and writing of subchannels. i actually never had problems creating perfect safdisc backups :wink: … anyway, i thought someone does also use this burner and could share experiences …

peace, iLUVATAR;)

Use quality cds.

Friend of mine also has this drive and always burns with CCD without probs! He uses a Toshiba 1402 to read so don’t know if your drive can read the subs, but ik sure can burn them!

hi lupicupi, have i got you right ? you mean it makes a difference if i buy expensive or noname recordables ? are you joking ?

peace, iLUVATAR

No I’m not joking, illuvatar.
I made a copy of desperados with a cheap cd and it did not work. I used a Verbatim and it was ok.

There is indeed a difference between cheap CD-R and more expensice brands… The more expensive ones have a better reflection than the cheaper ones… (hold both up to a light and you’ll see why ;))

… then you’ll see that the light will come trough the cheap one much better… which is a bad thing! :wink:
Never use blanc cd’s! They cause the most trouble! :frowning:

Use different Cd reader like toshibas are quite good!!!

I have a Mitsumi 4804TE also, copies everything prefect :slight_smile:

Read the cd in your Mitsumi to your HD at 4x for copy protected cds, although I have heard that 16x speed read will work also, but haven’t tried it myself.

And then burn at 4x and you have a prefect backup.

And get Clony for the correct settings for CloneCD.

I use memorex CDRs 80 mins 16x

desperados is indeed a laserlock protection and the only options you should check within clonecd is:
-read subchannel from audio(if there are audio tracks)
-read subchannel from data
-intelligent bad sector scanner< this option is most important for laserlock protection …
good luck!