having problem copying codename outbreak
laserlock on disk giving me problems can any one help:( for a lot of info on that subject :slight_smile:

ps there are also programs which contain some kind of database of games, their copyprotections and the way to copy the game… problem is that I forgot the name of the prog I always used (got lost in my last format)…
GameCopy database or something?
(for that, you’d better ask Gamefreak or visit

You called my lord? :wink:

Well you can copy LaserLock easily with CloneCD with these settings:

[ul][li]Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
[/li][li]Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks
[/li][li]Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner[/ul]But the reading will take some time with certain drives. My Toshiba will read a LaserLock protected disc in about 10 minutes but a normal CD-ROM took over a couple of hours…
For supported CloneCD writers check here.

i can copy it but only play the copy from the writer not dvd
liteon 24 dvd 1612 let me know if u have any luck