Laserlock & PX-W1210 S

I’ve a laserlock protected game.

If I used CloneCd:
6 hours and 1% then I have cancel it.
Settings I used :
Reading - All off
Writing - All off.

If I used DDump v1.09 and Frontend:
Settings LASERLOCK and ENABLE EXTRACTION OF FULL INDICES. For reading the image I used the UltraPlex 40 max. Time to read to image file on HD is ± 45 min. VERY FAST !!!
Now comes the problem :
I burn ( Plexwriter 12x/10x/32x S firmware 1.00 , on a plextor CDRW at 10 speed) the image with firebuner 1.06 OR with cdrwin 38d. That works just fine !
When I put the backup in my cdrom device the cd-rom goes nuts. It reads, it stops , … .
If I select a simple TXT-file on the cd then opens it but there’s nothing written in the file.STRANGE ???

I’ve also tested ddump witch a NON protected games. Settings : Standaard.
This give’s the same problem.

Can someone tell me what’s wrong ? Which writer or reader shall I used ?