LaserLock = LaserLok?

I saw a thread ( saying that LaserLock and Laserlok are two different protections.
I also found (different) Laserlock and LaserLok profiles for Clone CD. Anybody has an idea ??? :confused:

They are the same. Laserlok is a folder/file found on the disc, and it is missing the ‘c’ to conform to 8.3 standard.

The actual name of the protection scheme is Laserlock, as stated on the companie’s website.

By searching the source CD a hidden directory called “LaserLok” can be found. The directory uses the standard DOS 8.3, hence the exclusion of C from the name.

If you were to try and copy the contents over to the hard drive, a read failure would be initialised, also indicating the protection as the following files are full of read errors :