Laserlock comes with new protection: MARATHON - oh no!

I just posted the article Laserlock comes with new protection: MARATHON - oh no!.

sasha79 used our newssubmit to tell us more information about LaserLock. It is not clear if the information provided by sasha79 is about the same protection as we earlier reported about today, or…

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they have not mentioned twinpeak because twinpeak is able to beat it

Heavily copy protecting Games is still possible, but with Audio CDs… All it takes is someone with a suitable Hi-Fi & PC with a digital/optical link. I.e. all it takes is one copy and it goes wild, like a small match to start a huge fire.

Yeah but for some hackers, hacking the code out of the EXE is as easy as hooking an Audio CD up to the sound card to be recorded. If you know what your doing. Like I’ve said before, copy-protection is like writing a book and trying to figure out how to stop the reader from copying parts of the book down on another piece of paper.

I don’t think they care much if people hack the exe files. As long as they can’t make 1:1 copies which could be used for making money then all is fine.

True Warped. they are mostly fighting the “casual” copier that might decide to make one for their friends and family. The pirates will not be stopped by it, as they will figure out a way to bypass it almost instantly.

Stopping the casual copier is likened to spending pounds to save pennies.