Laserlock Build 13.10.04

I tried several time to copy my cd ( it’s a rare method of training of Arabic in french.
This two software, and clony, indicate a laserlock protection.
( clony give LASERLOCK with 6 craniums )

i tried this way :
clony + profiler + clone cd
clony + alchoholer + alcohol 120%
BLIND READ WRITE ( mode bad sector )
without result

i didn’t found what is laserlock 13.10.04 ( perhaps date )

after browsing, my software appears protects by laserlock marathon because everything is ok until 97%, after, it stops making a lot of error, or if it finish, it doesn’t work.

i’ve tried the image with DAEMON TOOL virtual drive and with alcohol120%'s one and also burnin it

the protected file is only 2 Mo
for who want to test it :

Very tough to backup.

:cool: :cool:

did you try or you know that protection ?
i never give up :smiley:

To make an image of the disc, use securom new 4.x/5.x/7.x settings in Alcohol 120% but check also Advanced Sector Scanning and set the ASS jump factor either to 100 or even to 500. The image should run when mounted to a virtual drive, use Daemon Tools and use Y.A.S.U latest version to avoid blacklisting.

I am currently not at a computer where I can try this.

:cool: :cool:

what do you mean by
"and set the ASS jump factor either to 100 or even to 500"
how can i do that, change the thousands bits ?

i have try as you say until the jump factor:
it is worse. the image doesn’t work at all, daemon tool or alcohol 120 virtual drive !