Laserlock and liteon



can the 24x10x40 liteon read this protection, as I am having problems doing warrior kings anyone been successful??? can you tell me the right settings please?? as i tried clonyxxl, and no success ta


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Originally posted by bluey
[B]Tried making a back up of this game, it says its laser lock, these are my settings.
reading disk
read sub channel data from data tracks ticked
read sub channel data from audio tracks ticked
fast error skip/ignore erors ticked
intelligent search for bad sectors ticked

                          writing disk

Buffer underrun protection ticked
perform laser power calibration ticked
always close last session ticked

no retries

read at max
write at 16x
have a liteon 24x10x40
when i got o install backup game. it gets to 99%, then stalls.
would appreciate anyone knowing right settings for clone for this game. [/B]


If CloneCd doesn’t work right,you can try BlindWrite suite,the reading time is much longer then with CloneCd,but it does Laser Lock quite well…


I’ve successfully copied laserlock games with the lite-on. Try other discs and other write speeds.

Have you tried the latest CloneCD 4?


No need for the Subchannel options to be ticked, as far as I know there is NO Subchannel data in Laserlok to be read.

Selecting Subchannel options will only slow you down.

IBSS @ 100 and FES is all you need.


thanks guys ill give that a try