Laser weapons factory opens in US



Had to post this one. :slight_smile:

NORTHROP Grumman has opened a factory for high energy laser weapons. According to Information Week, the outfit’s grand plan is to build three 100-kilowatt lasers by 2008 which could be used to shoot down rockets, artillery and mortar from ground, air or ships.

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What happens if you shoot four missiles at them? :slight_smile:

That’s some “Spies like us” $hit right there :stuck_out_tongue:


Good stuff!!! :cool:


Now all they need is a Star Destroyer to go with the green lights… lol


Must be the good guys… Good Guys always have green lasers, and the bad guys read lasers, right? :wink:


Jean-Michel Jarre is extatic!


No, DVD-ROM drives have “read” lasers. Bad guys have red lasers! :bigsmile: