Laser Protetion Problem


I tried to make copy of data CD with LASER PROTECTION, but It took 8 hours with only 13% increase.

I used these options:

LG CD-RAW 8120B (Atapi) , It supports reading subchannel data , I used many times to copy data CD with laser protection .

Clone CD v.

I checked :

read subchannel data from data tracks

fast error skip : 3-hardware

intelligent bad sector scanner

strange thing that I used previous options many times until now to make copy of CD with laser protection , except that CD .

I tried to make a copy of other CDs with laser from the same company , I passed .

I tried to change the option to: fast error skip : 3-software , none , but with same result : 8 hours with only 13% increase .


my problem is ONE CD ONLY .


Please upgrade to the latest CloneCD version Since your version there have been a lot of bugfixes so it might help…

cool thanks for G@M3FR3@K

I solved my problem by upgrade to


No problem :slight_smile: