Laser printer w/ CD&DVD print function?

Laser printer w/ CD&DVD print function, is such thing exists ? if yes, how good is it ?

I never heard of such printers, but I’m curious too :iagree:

I think that there is no laser printer able to print on CD/DVD discs, because probably it will require discs purposely manufactured to be printed with toner ink. Currently available printable discs have a substrate that can be written with inkjet printer’s dye, but I’m not sure that also a laser printer can write on these discs.

the only “laser” printers (not really a printer) are called lightscribe and labelflash. but there are “thermal” printers and “inkjet” printers that can.

No there are no such device out like that sad to say!
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No such animal exists. There are (rare) dedicated commercial disc labelers that utilize the same process as color laser printers but nothing for the desktop and nothing that also works on paper.

I would think the heat from the fuser would cause some havoc with media, but it would be awesome for economy and non-smudging lables :iagree:

Well, in order for a CD to print with a laser printer, it would need to wrap the disk around it’s drum. All laser printers have drums that they wrap the paper around which imprints it. So yeah, that would be some technology–bendable cd roms.

A laser printer can pass the page flat past the rotating drum - doesn’t have to “wrap” all the time as long as the page is charged to attract the toner image off the drum it can pass right through even though it is in view of the drum through a small slit [most desktop lasers are like this - the toner cartridge shows how it works]. The heating, by the fuser to make the toner stick permanently, may be the main problem since the dye might decompose and or the disc may become warped or deformed. Another problem I can see is that the coating on the disc might not hold onto the toner that well, and the static residue might make the disc attract more dust :wink:

Quite right.