Laser pointer from Blu-ray violet laser module

While it may be expensive to try and get a hold of a Blue laser drive or player, this did not stop The Led Museum’s reviewer from getting hold of a Sony Blu-ray laser diode (for a Sony PlayStation 3) and modifying an AAA LED flashlight to use it as a violet laser pointer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Going by the article, this Blu-ray laser module outputs 5mW to 7mW of laser radiation with a violet wavelengh of 404 to 407nm, which for a laser pointer would be very unusual, not to mention make it stand out from the red, blue, green and yellow laser pointers more readily available. :wink:

Quote from the article:

As I stated earlier, it uses a Sony Blu-Ray laser diode that is reported to output 5mW to 7mW of laser radiation at 404-407nm (nominally 405nm) in the violet part of the spectrum. Because it is at the violet end of the spectrum, it will not be as visible mW-per-mW as blue, green, or yellow laser pointers, but the color is absolutely gorgeous, and is very radiant and unusual for a handheld laser. The laser diode was cannibalised from a Sony Play Station 3 optics sled assembly that I purchased on Ebay for $88.03 on 03-22-07 and that I received on 03-31-07.

The article, including photos and the outcome can be read on the Led Museum’s review page here.

Then again, should there be a winning format where the unsuccessful format turn out to be totally obsolete over the following year or two, I’m sure there will be a few interested interested in what can be done with the laser diode. :slight_smile:

Fry your eyes, and never see it coming :wink:

You can get blue laser pointers with out cruelty to blue ray dvd players.

Dragonlasers at sell cruelty free blue lasers and so do several other retailers.

If this keeps up, we’ll here from the electronics version of PETA.

It’s [I]significantly[/I] cheaper from China, even allowing for import duty:

Do not look at laser with remaining good eye…