Laser mtbf, Standalone burners wont last long?

Laser Burnout.


Surely standalone dvd burners will not last long if they are burning for 2/3hr

  • sessions recording TV/cable progs.

    I have already had 2 Cyberhome dvr1600 laser failures both useing high quality verbatim/fuji/TY media. And always playback TV recordings on cheapo player to try and save wear/tear on the burner. But very dissapointed after second failure inside 9 months.

Welcome weesteve.
Some of our members will tell you that they have burned hundreds of DVD’s without a problem in their computers.
If you are worried that you are replacing the machine you record your TV progs on then buy a standalone that you can replace the DVD burner in when that happens. I have read articles on other forums where this is done on a regular basis. It is certainly cheaper than replacing the whole machine.

[QUOTE=weesteve]Laser Burnout.


I have a DVD Recorder which uses the same Mediatek chipset: the Citizen 801. I use the machine to feed thru SVHS and the stereo to my TV/Amp even when I am not recording. Will this lower the laser life? Or does the laser LED only get used when recording or reading?

Thanks for your ideas