Laser mice and recordable media interaction?

This is probably a dumb question but, can the red light from a laser mouse affect the quality of an unrecorded disc? I’m aware that cd-r’s and dvd±r’s are recorded at different powers with different wavelengths, but is there a chance a disc could be affected by the red light from a laser mouse? I’m fairly sure “laser” mice use regular LED’s, but I’d prefer something close to a definitive answer.

If I am not mistaken, laser mice do in fact use a real laser and it is a diode. So far as I know, burners and players use laser diodes too. Even though its not some fancy tube laser or anything, they are both real lasers. As far as it hurting a disk, I doubt it. I’m no expert, but as I understand it, recordable media are designed to respond to high intensity of a very specific bandwith of laser light for recording. Sunlight emits basically all light frequencys, so if a little exposure to the same wavelength of light would kill a disk, then sunlight would instantlly kill a disk. If you are wondering if using a laser mouse near some blank disks would hurt them, I would seriouslly think not. If you left a laser mouse sitting on top of a disk, I still think it wouldn’t be a problem as laser mice shut down the laser to increase battery life and laser life.
What exactlly are you wondering though?

Just do NOT use the unrecorded disc as a mousepad for the laser mouse and everything will turn out peachy :wink:

Unless your mouse was submitted to some kind of secret military train (there were news about dolphins…) you may be safe by its side.
Anyway, ask your mouse for its security certificates and be sure it doesn’t fall under type A laser beams category and doesn’t carry the warning labels you can see on CD/DVD drives about dangers run if you open the box and get exposed to the laser “light”.
Just kidding, obviously…

Yeah, the army is all behind. (lol)