Laser DVDs



I’m still trying to find media that works in my drive, 812s@832s. I was given a Laser DVD+R that came with a copy of APC (Code: ISO1001 []). I tried it out and as you can see it worked okay for the most part but near the end its horible. It works in the computer but the DVD player screws up when it hits the bad part. I burnt it at 4X, which was probably a mistake. Is it a bad disc or are they all pretty dodgy? I found a couple of mentions of them on the forum which didn’t look too good. I was wondering if anyone else had experience with them + or -, in particular with my burner


Absolute shite media, that’s why it’s so cheap. Don’t bother with them on your drive.

That’s a good scan compared to my 411S@811S :frowning: The worst result from any “+” media I have used to date.

APC mag haven’t done their readers any favours by including the Lazer branded media. I would think that they’ll be getting a flood of complaints.


By using write strategy swaps you can burn any media rather good. learn how to use omni patcher. Do not use any of the other options like force fallback or forceshift stuff.

Well it also looks like iso1001 is not a known media id. So you need to add it to the firmware in place of one of the existing media id’s…
Once you replace one of the media id’s like I did replacing maxwell02 with pomsi002 I could then use either the maxwell write strategy or swap it another one that worked. A disk which could not be written to reliabelly before got much better results.


have a look at the dye layer. You will probably find it to be dodgy near the edge. I have a batch of Laser+R 4X that work OK if you do not do a full burn (ie only 4GB), but play up if I do full burns.


lol, I’m a subscriber to APC and got my “free” Laser +R dics too, and thought why Laser. :eek: And yet if you read there DVD “cover story” they did all there hardware tests on TDK +R x8 media which is rebadged RICOHJPN02’s atm. lol Anyways, I used the freebie for a laugh, and if I had a few more would play around with the write strategy. :bigsmile:
Oh, and I burnt mine with 812s@832s VS04.


Mine is omni patched but I would have no idea what write strategy to use on a disc that doesnt even appear in the firmware. I havent had much luck with any of the cheaper media. I’m really starting to wish I got an NEC instead.


Good idea. No kprobe scans at all -> not bad scans -> you feel good with cheap media. Do not forget to check if your data is still on the disk after a month or two. If its gone, get a plextor, do not test again and feel good :slight_smile:
Media price is not a reliable quality indicator, but this media is so cheap even here (about 1/3rd of ritek +R media), that it is hard to believe that it holds the data for more than a few weeks.


Not trying to start a flame war, but with PI/PIF numbers that change from firmware to firmware on some picky lite-ons, you’re not much better off.
You can just as well test just if you can read the data back…


I purchased 4x Laser -R disks some months ago and they turned out to be AN31. They were absolute crap. My Pioneer A05 refused to look at them until the firmware was upgraded to 1.33 but even though Nero said they were successful burns they wouldn’t read properly in my standalones or my PC.

The Liteon 812@832 would also burn them but badly. I cannot remember which burner I used for the two burns below,

The shop which sold them to me refused a refund. I tried the whole spindle of 25 and ended up with all coasters. I will never touch LASER again.


Burnt fine but 1st + media to not play on my players or PS2. I wouldn’t bother with strategy swaps, this stuff is plain crap. The magazine publisher has got some probs comin’.


If you can Insert media codes into a firmware and get good decent burns why would that media be crap? If there were no media codes for ricoh or yuden, they would burn like crap too. Maybe yudens will last a 100 years but most of us are looking for media that lasts a few months or years at the most. Spending huge amounts of money trying to find ‘quality’ media reminds me of how people would buy something because of name brand. Does having someones thump print on a media qualify it as quality name branded media? thats what my yuden had, someones thumb print on it. In a sealed package. At least the Princo’s I got did not have extras in them. By inserted new media codes I can get Princo’s to burn rather good. Usable for what I want. I dont want it to last forever. If I did, I would not trust them to liteon burnt media. I would store them on tape backup, thats why they charge an arm and a leg for those DDS and other tape back up’s and why companies pay a HUGE amount of money for them.
Inserting new media codes does not guarantee that the disks would burn better, But it is better than writing blind hoping.


The point is you don’t have to pay huge amounts to get decent media these days. Why waste a second of time let alone 1 cent with this stuff?

For me every other + media using the default strategy has been usable in everything I’ve tried. This stuff is crap and I won’t ever be using it in a LiteOn optical drive.


I think the important words here is “For me”…

Not for me and not for many others.


Try these modified FirmWares{Right_Click-Save_As} I just created (not tested at this moment).

I made these ones 'cause i got 3x25Spindle of those crappy media and I got bad results (not so bad @2.4x).

Thank God for my Nec3500 burning them as good media!!!


Laser branded disks are awful. I brought a spool, what a waste of money. Not a single usable disk, and I threw most away because I was sick of wasting my time with them.

Good media is not expensive. Get ritekg04s if you are looking for a cheap, usable media.

In fact, if you want to be really cheap, get princos. While the burn quality is certainly questionable, at least I have had no problems getting them to produce a readable burn.


Looks like rugger agrees eh? And I’m yet to see a report of a decent burn on any LiteOn hardware with this shit.

You’re recommending this media to all LiteOn owners then?


Here is a scan done @4x Using CMC.MAG.E01 strat :


Now the question is: CMC.MAG.E01 does have 8x write capabilities , why the drive doesn’t want to start the burning at more than 4x (other speeds showed) ?


Bump! :slight_smile:


The liteon’s default speed is around 3.5X at the start and with an omph it can hit 5.25X. So unlike the pioneer and many others it just can not start the burn any faster. 4X is even too much for it.


I’m sorry you misunderstood me.
I want to say that w/this strat swap it shows me the media can be burned at 2.4x,4x,6x,8x but when I try 6x or 8x the burn simply doesn’t start.
Is it due to a bug or is it due to the fact that my burner is in an external (USB 2.0) enclosure?
Perhaps I can read at 8x w/out problems !!!