Laser burned "image" in the underside of disc?



A few years back a friend showed me a CD that he’d used special software to literally burn celtic knots in a circle around the edge of the disc on a disc that wasn’t full. The software used the burning laser to etch a pattern in the empty areas of the CD that was very visible with the eye. Pretty cool stuff, and didn’t interfere with reading the CD.

I’ve searched and searched and can’t find any references to software that can do this anymore… any ideas?


I just realized… I probably posted this one folder too deep - it’s not really Nero specfic.


If it is etched, wouldn’t that make it corrode after a while?


What I mean is it’s burned just like you would burn data to the disc, but it does something freaky with the laser to burn visible patterns in the disc instead of a solid data track… you know how you can look at a disc and tell if it’s been burned to? It took advantage of that to make cool patterns and words in the unused part.


Its not nero specific at all. The etching was done by a specific Yamaha drive, read a review here or cd freaks own review