Laser-Adjustment in Premium also in PX-716SA

Well, i’ve been reading up on the BW & Premium method to burn topology of SecruRom unto a disc and was wondering if it applied to all Plextor Drives that contained the Vari-Rec Technology? The Idea of V-R was that you could adjust the laser power to create deeper/wider tracks for compatibiality with really old cd players. Up untill about 2 weeks ago, Plextor said that the 716-variants had this feature, but it was removed from their information pages. (it is still in the Datasheets for their 716/712 drives. Has anyone tried using these drives with the Premium feature of bwtweaker?

According to reports the PX-716A does not have the same abilities as the Premium when it comes to the SecuROM copy protection. This ability has nothing to do with VariRec anyway since a lot of Plextor drives support this and only the Premium is able to copy the latest SecuROM protection. The Premium’s ability to do this comes from its GigaRec feature and even though the PX-716A also supports GigaRec, the PX-716A is not able to beat the latest SecuROM versions. This is because, again according to reports I’ve read, there is a “bug” in the Premium firmware that allows the GigaRec rate to be changed during the write process. As far as I know this bug is not present in the PX-716A’s firmware.

That would make more sence because gigarec bypasses standard cd book types and smashes the data on the disc closer, Which would make accessing the data shorter or longer, and from what I understand about SecuRom, is that it looks for access times to parts of the disc for verification. Thanks for the information. Has anyone tried bwtweaker & a Plextor DVD burner? (Don’t have a 716SA yet :frowning: )