What’s your opinion on Larry?


I dont know this Ken-fellow, but he did send me.


scott me up beamy


In soviet russia, beam scotts you!


Larry-Larry a kingdom for a Larry!


Bloody cyclones.
If you have any spare bananas, could you send them over


Don’t worry, the banana’s will be falling out of the sky soon :slight_smile: along with some akubra’s, some tin roofing, a few cows & millions of chinese & Japanese tourists.


is this the Larry the cable guy?


Cyclone Larry,
Larry Flint, the disgusting old bloke that founded Hustler? Some porn mag anyway. The father of porn :wink:
Leisure Suit Larry in the land of the Lounge Lizards.
Larry = a common name for ockers (Aussies). Hence the term Larrikins :stuck_out_tongue: