Largest capacity CD-R?

a friend of mine told me the largest capacity CD-R was a 1.3gb one made by sony… is this actually a CD-R, or is this something like a minidisc, which I personally, wouldn’t call a CD-R?
And if that’s not a CD-R, what would be the largest capacity CD-R?

well there are 99 minute cd that hold 870mb of data. I overburned a 99 minute cd adn put 100:46 of audio on it. These cds aren’t a standard but a lot of devices can read them, olde ones probably won’t.

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and a for what you heard from your friend is true. They are double density discs.
here, here, here, and for more info here: google.

Be surprised what a simple google search can do for you:)

The question actually came about when I was reading about floppy disks - according to a few homepages I’ve seen, it’s Toshiba’s 2.88MB format, but what about Immation’s SuperDisc, which holds 120mb? Both SuperDisc’s and 2.88mb diskettes can’t be read in normal 1.44mb drives, and 1.44mb diskettes can be read in both of those drives… so shouldn’t Immation’s SuperDisc be the highest capacity diskette? Or is there some other format which would take that… distinction?

And what about CD’s? Sony has a 1.3GB format called Double Density, that can’t be read in “normal” CD-drives, but by the same reasons I’m questioning what the largest capacity for normal diskettes is, would Sony’s format even count? Or is there some other format that’s better than Sony’s 1.3GB format? The format’s I mentioned above for floppy diskettes can atleast read normal diskettes - can double denssity CD readers atleast read normal CD’s? If they can’t even do that, it doesn’t seem like they’re really even CD drives…

if you notice on the second link i provided, that sony burner can also burn cd-r’s as well as the dd discs.

but i feel that once the cds get to large to read in normal cd drives and burners, then they are no longer cds. If you want to be real specific about it, then the red book and orange books define exactly how a cd audio or data should be.

If you are wanting to know the largest capacity of floppy disks compatible with standard floppy drives then 1.44mb is the larges for floppy.

If you are wanting removable storage comparable to floppy disk and superdisk, then there is a vast variety of different formats you can choose from.

Jut to name a few:
Zip disk, both sizes
Jazz discs, i think theres just one size of 2gb

here is an article about different formats and should answer most of your questions.

Any more questions, just let us know.

Also note, if you want to obtain copies of the red book and orange book it will cost you. More info on that can be found here