Larger cheapest external hard drive

I don’t have a lot of money and i want to buy a external HD from 250 gb to max 500 gb. Im only interested in a huge external HD as my older ones are slowly dying. Would be great if i could buy a 500 gb external but im also happy with a 250 gb one if the larger ones are too expensive. Is there any 250 gb external HD for around 140 euro or any 500 gb external for max price of 280 euro or anything between 250 to 500 for nice price ?


Best Buy is having a sale on Western Digital My Books. The 500 gig model WDG1U5000N is on sale for 199.99 USD (about 150 Euros).

Im not from usa, im from europe. I can’t find WDG1U5000 for less than 237 euro around here.

…so where do you live?

Im from european union. For 150 Euros i can buy this HD only on ebay and i don’t buy used things or things i can’t return.

I’m not sure what pricing/availability is like there, but sometimes the best deal is to get an internal hard drive and put it into an external enclosure. I’m not sure about there but in the US enclosures are pretty cheap (and internal hard drives can be found pretty cheap too).

You know… it would help if you could specify yourself a bit…
EU is over 25 countries and deals arent “EU-wide”… 99.99% of the time sigh


In EU prices are more or less the same. The cheapest HD in USA is the cheapest in EU or anywhere else just that the price ain’t the same.

check Amazon uk. last time i looked they sell Western Digital My Book 250GB USB for less than 100 euros.

Meanwhile, at a secret location somewhere in Europe :cool:

I can get a 400Gb external drive for less than 169.99 EUR (as stated in picture) :stuck_out_tongue:

Carrefour, Belgium: WD MyBook 250GB=€99 / 500GB=€199

Packard Bell 320 GB for €99
Trekstor 400GB for €149

or how about…

Only an avid downloader can need that much Speicherplatz :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify…when I´m making a serious video with Premiere, the space multiplies like crazy each time I edit, add stuff, etc. A project can end up occupying 100s of GBs before I´m finished.
Next purchase will probably be a 500 for my Mac :stuck_out_tongue:

Can´t answer for our OP however (!)

Saw 200 gigs for 89 euros today!

I’m paranoid about hard drives overheating. I would make sure the enclosure had a fan. I would also monitor the drive temperature.

Personally I would buy a good enclosure with a fan and stick my own drive in it, but maybe you can buy an external drive that comes in a good enclosure.

Don’t assume a hard drive manufacturer will necessarily use a good enclosure when they sell you an external drive. My first was a Maxtor One Touch. It was okay except it had no fan and the drive was almost hermetically sealed. I used it for two hours once and the drive got quite hot. All the data was lost. After it cooled I reformatted it and it’s still working. But I cut a hole in the top of the enclosure and mounted a 40 cm fan. It looks strange, but it works.

I think even moderate overheating will shorten the life of the drive.

Terabyte HDs are hitting the market around now, or very soon, for about €400 I think. Give them a year and they´ll be down to half that too…

Cool…bring 'em on :smiley:

Got my WD My Book 320Gb for 128 Euros…