Larger capacity drives - are they considered reliable in general?



What is the overall opinion on large-capacity (1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB) hard drives in terms of reliability? It seems some companies use 500gb platters now, and some like Seagate still prefer using smaller platters instead of fewer and larger ones. I am in the need of a hard drive for backup and storage, and at this point I’m just not sure what is considered reliable.

I’m not too concerned with speed - I’m more concerned with temperatures and reliability. At first I was looking at the Seagate 1.5TB Barracuda, but I’ve read so many scary things about Seagate 1.5TB (not just firmware, but the “click of death”) that I’m scared of them. But I’ve read a lot of comments about Samsung having a high rate of failure also. What is recommended for reliability nowadays? I keep everything backup up, but I still don’t want to purchase a drive with known problems.


I would pick WD drives first. My 500Gb and 1TB drives have been great.


I think i have heard horror stories about just about every brand of HDD out there.
Seagate’s problems are well documented, so are Samsung’s. The latest ones revolve around Hitachi and WD. I have used them all at some stage, and apart from a failed Maxtor drive, i have had no problems.

My current personal preference is for Samsung, they are fast, quiet, and run cool, and for me have been 100% reliable, and i basically think that is all anyone can say, as i think we all base our preferences on personal experience.


as I JUST posted in another topic, how comfortable are you with putting all your eggs in one basket?

I’d rather have a pair of 500gb drives than one 1tb drive.

Then again I just got a great deal on a WD Scorpio-Black 750Gb drive… $65 shipped.

I simply didn’t have the money available to get the two my philosophy requires…,

I’ll get another later.


I recently bought a 1.5T Samsung HD for the HTPC I built. For me splitting up data on 500gb drives wasn’t an option as space is limited in the HTPC case I bought. I will use this PC as a movie server for the house so the movies/music take up a lot of drive space. To hedge my bets against failure I purposely chose a lower spin rate drive. Even with the lower spin rate the Samsung drive performs quite well. Hopefully it will survive over time.


I NEEEEEVER play around with non-redundant drive setups… after losing 2, yes TWO 750GB drives during a got damn BACK UP… I vowed to never be with out multiple backups again! I’m still recovering from the data loss and that was years ago. I’ll be searching for something for hours, swearing I DL’d the file(s) and then remember “oh… it was on the 750GB…FSCK!” Now I’ve got 3 500GB drives 1 mirrored and stored away, the other as a mirror for it’s 500GB twin.

Drives these days ARE more prone to bad/failing sectors and errors, as they add a ton more extra blocks to replace any future blocks going bad. I think drives today are less reliable, but that could be bc of the advent of the internet/forums where more people can report on said issue vs a decade or so, where it was just word of mouth and pure hearsay from a “friend” blah blah… Sucks though buying drives in pairs and triplets $$$. My next storage upgrade is going to be 2x2TB; man that’s going to cost a lot! BUT… when disaster strikes, there’s almost nothing better than saying… “Fsck… guess I’ll pop in the mirror! HAHA!” 10min down time and a huge sigh of relief!

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