Large Write Speed for Plextor 24x

I ordered a pc that includes a plextor 24x, since I’m no longer worried about the whole firmware and VIA chipset problem I do worry about something else.
According to the manual, the drive is able to write at 4x and 12x, and nothing in between. But I have like 2 spindles of 8x cd-rs, am I suppose to only record them at 4x? That’s a lil lame for a 24x CD-RW. Is there anything I can do? Besides getting new cds and selling the ones I have now?
Since the final transaction havent taken place yet, should I cancel that pc and order one with a plextor 16x? I like it cuz it supports more types of write speed, but I will have to d a jump hack to get it to support UDMA-33 and it does support EFM and can’t read subchannel data, according to CloneCD.
What should I do?

Just in advance if its a stupid question, sorry

First of all if you have a choice go for the PX-W2410A model and not the PX-W1610A! The Plextor 24x is way better than the 16x model which cannot do SafeDisc 2, nor can it read SubChannel Data.

Your 8x CD-R’s may write at 12x, hell they even might work at 24x! If the quality of the CD-R’s is good he Plextor will write them at a higher speed but then again there’s no guarantee. I would suggest you try it and if it doesn’t work just burn them at 4x or get some new CD-R’s. They aren’t expensive anymore.

So please go for the 24x model! :wink:

please go for the 24x model!

if not , you don ’ t know what you are missing ,

Thanks for ur reply, I will. This pc is great. Just as good as alienware, lifetime warranty, 700 bux cheaper.

Athlon XP 1900
80 GB 7200RPM HD
Aopen 16x Pro DVD
Plextor 24x
Leadtek 64MB DDR Geforce3 TI w/TV Out
SB Audigy w/1394 Connector
US Robotics 56k Hardware Modem
3COM 10/100 PCI
Microsoft Optical Intellimouse & Natural Keyboard Pro
Windows XP
Only $1394 after s/h

Goto to customize your own.

Indeed seems like a great system… I’m still running my ‘ancient’ Athlon Classic 700MHz but it’s still working fine.

Goodluck with the Plex. I think you’ll like it :slight_smile:

G@M3FR3@K, i guarantee he will like it!:cool: sounds like a kick ass system. much like yourself, i am operating a piii866asaurus! but it still gets the job done. my old man still has a gateway pi166asaurus that he paid over $5000.00 cdn for when they first came on the market, ouch:(

when you use your plex 24,power rec II feature can give good result with no excellent media
no problem to burn your 8x cd at 16 or 24x…
writer can self-regulate proper speed

therefore,using good disc can make tour work much more easy…

happy 2002!