Large VOB files


Ive recently decided to copy all my DVD’s as they seem to get damaged very easily. I ripped the DVD’s to my computer using DVD decrypter. they’ve saved as VOB files and even on LP (long play) on a 4.7GB disk they wont fit, they’re way too large. The film is Lord Of The Rings 3 so its a pretty long film, just wondering if there’s a file I can convert it to and how i can do this or anything, preferably without losing the quality. Thanks

Longplay has nothing really to do with pressed retail DVDs.
Movies like LOTR come on several [B]DL discs[/B], holding up to 9gb of content.

it almost fits on LP, just a lower quality, no way i can compress or convert the files??

LP is not the DVD btw, LP is the quality selection

How would you choose the quality of the movie when you only burn the ripped content??

You could transcode the movie by using DVDShrink etc.

i dont know, im using power producer 2 gold and it gives me the option of chosing the quality that its burned as.

LOTR3 is simply too long for an DVD5 disc, even with the lowest possible res and bitrate, even when you have the “short” version of the movie.

I’ve transcoded the long version a while ago to xvid to fit on a DVD5. Got acceptable results.


I would suggest you try using DVD Rebuilder Freeware version with the HC Encoder (also freeware). This will be able to encode your DVD9 movies to fit onto standard recordable DVD with minimal loss of quality. It will definitely be better than using a transcoder like DVDshrink at least, especially for very long movies like LOTR.

This will mean the converted movie will still have 100% compatability with all DVD standalone players. Other conversion options can result in a perceptually lossless video [I]but[/I] are much less compatible.

I second TLO.
Rebuilder is very useful software even if you get payed version. It is not that expensive and does great job. I use that all the time. Shrink is good, but you will loose menus and if you compress too big file it dos not give you good quality. Some people claim if you go below 85% of original file, Shrink is not too good for that.

not checked this in a while but thanks to LT0 and CDuncle i’ll try that.

I agree with TLO as well…DVDRB HCEnc best mode… with that said if you have a DL burner then go from rip straight to burn if within say…8.5G size, no re-encoding or transcoding, for preserving quality of course! JMO… :cool:

Yup. Bite the bullet and buy some MKM-001.

Yeah, sure, but the OP wanted all that on a DVD5. :wink: