Large USB error message on DMR-EH58

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DIGA DMR-EH57. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi,

I’m desperate for some help on using large (16GB+) external drives/memeroy sticks with my panasonic DVD player DMR-EH58.

I’ve been happily using upto 8GB memory sticks to play avi content. I want to use a larger device - have tried at 280GB hard drive and a 16GB memory stick but both result in a “USB Device not compatabile” message on the dvd player.

I’ve tried going through other threads and get some conflicting advice about FAT32 and NTFS formatting.

If anyone could help me with the following questions you’d be sure to hear the yelps of joy ;o)

Could somone tell what i need to do to get larger memory devices to play on my dvd player?
Do panasonics read FAT32 of NTFS formats?
How do i know what format my memory device is in and how to change it to a panasonic compatable format?

Also - is your panasonic warranty void if you throw it from a 3rd story window?

ta, Gazlad

Check the [B]properties[/B] on your stick. It will tell you what format it is.

Here is a pretty cool guide on reformatting sticks:

im not totally sure that it is the correct path, will give it a go over this weekend, I am having trouble with playing via usb (some films stutter a bit, others are a little out of sync, all playback fine via pc…).

EDIT>>>>OOPS<<<< ignore that, it will only read fat16 or fat32…according to the manual.

three steps to success

[li]first create a partition less than 8gbs on the external drive
[/li][li]next format the partition to fat32 format
[/li][li]hide any remaining partitions on the external drive