Large ISO files

can anyone tell me how i can create large ISO Files?? basically i want to create an image file of 16 episodes of a program, go through DVD shrink and then possibly have to shrink it again to get it on a 4.7 disc, the only way i can see of doing this is creating an image file and then shrinking it maybe twice. The problem i have is that Nero will only get you create image files of upto 10gb i think. Or is there another way of doing this?

You don’t have to create an image file surely. Just creating the folder files would work & perhaps not have any such limitation.

Personally the most episodes I’d try onto a 4.7gb disk would 6, but maybe you could get 8 at a squeeze although that represents about 5 1/2 playing time. Depends how important quality is to you.

like women…it´s quantity not quality, not too bothered about quality, o.k if i create a file consisting of 10 episodes, say it´s 15gb, how do i then shrink the VOB files, because i know in DVD shrink you can compress the image file, then compress it again. how would i shrink VOB files?

Shrinking something twice will do nothing the second time around. It’s already been compressed as much as possible in the first operation.
Set it to maximum compression & deep analysis & your adaptive error correction on.

DVDshrink will allow you to directly compress the files in a properly mastered disc.
It doesn’t need to be written to an iso.

Just point shrink to the right directories & away you’ll go :wink:

DVD Shrink will handle folders with VOB,IFO & BUP files without any problem. That’s exactly what a DVD disk consists of.

smart…i thought dvd shrink only worked with image files and dvds not with VOB files