Large increase of Flash Player attacks after exploit was added to exploit kit - patch ASAP!

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Because malware developers have made it easier than ever before to exploit a specific vulnerability in Adobe’s Flash Player (2018-4878), there is a rise in attacks that exploit the leak. Abusing the vulnerability in Flash Player is so easy because a method to exploit the leak has been added to document exploit builder software called ThreatKit.


During the transition from FireFox 55 to 57, I finally purged flash entirely. It was hardly being used anymore on the web sites I frequenting (ie. youtube, etc …).

I told the computer illiterates I lived with that some of their dumb video web sites might not play anymore with the removal of flash. I also told them to google the same video titles, to see whether the same video pops up on youtube or another less braindead web site.

(More generally).

Hopefully this will be the complete final end of all those annoying video/audio plugins which proliferated back in the late-1990s and into early-2000s. Thankfully most of these semi-useless video plugins fell by the wayside over the past 15+ years.

@jcroy, this computer illiterates is still complaining about flash. One must not maintain nor create such sites to know how to maintenance it.

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