Hi all

I am looking to buy a new laptop,is there such a thing as a all singing and danceing laptop.

I would like a good cd/dvd writer in it and about a 80gig HD plus all the normal bits.

OR should i buy a used one and change all the drives etc for better ones, And if so what would be the best to put in. What i dont want to do is buy a laptop and as soon as i want to copy a cd or dvd i find that i have the wrong make of drive.

As i found this out with my P.C and i had to change the cd writer over for a plextor premium before i could copy some cd’s

  Many thanks MARK

Get one with a NEC 6650. People seem to have good luck with those. I have a Sony which is in my sig that came with my notebook. Works ok no problems so far as long as i use +R media. I’m used to using the drives in my sig with my pc so i’m kinda spoiled but i use my notebook burner now and then.

As far as an all singing and danceing laptop … not sure what you mean.