Laptop's Internal Samsung Writer or External Plextor?

Because I’m freakish on quality burns, I have always purchased Plextor drives (PX-R820 & PX-708). However, I have a new Dell laptop that came with a TSSTCorp TS-L632D (Toshiba/Samsung) DVD writer and I’m not sure if I should use it for archives or I should burn using my Plextor.

I suppose I could do tests, but I’ve never done DVD tests and I wouldn’t know how to interpret the results if I did.

Any thoughts/opinions/suggestions?

The predecessor of the TS-L632D, the TS-L632B, tended to burn with PIF spikes and with high jitter. Disc type support was poor. The overall burn quality was acceptable, but not really good.
I don’t know whether Toshiba/Samsung fixed these problems this time…

Plextor’s burn quality is not the best anymore either, the PX-755 and PX-760 were messed up. I would recommend you getting an external 716 if you can - the non-716, non-755, non-760 externals are relabels :frowning:

What about an external LG? These do have great burn quality.

Are there any internal LG’s that you could recommend? Any postings on quality tests I can compare with?