Are the dvd -/+ burners that come with laptops usually decent or are they like the desktop mfg where they use the least expensive drives they can find. I’ve been looking at the ibm’s & toshiba models and wanted to know if there dvd burners were good or if I would be better off getting an external usb 2 drive and using that instead.



Use the search tool on this forum. I have read some posts where people are having good success, and others where they aren’t so great. But for the most part it looks pretty good.


It depends on who is the lowest bidder when the PC vendor is building your computer. Same logic applies with the desktop units. If you want quality, then buy your own DVD drive and put it in.


If you are not moving it around much, I would get an external desktop drive. You’ll get better speed and quality. If you are considering the T series Thinkpad, there burner are slow and expensive, like 2x and $300. I have one, but do most of my burning on the desktop. Thinkpads use slimmer 9.5mm optical drives and you can only buy from IBM or ebay.


I have a Compal CL56 laptop (read: no name brand laptop) and it came installed with a Toshiba ODD-DVD SD-R6372. I’ve had no problems with this drive. I say that I use both the DVD and CD burning features quite frequently. I just thought you might want to hear from someone with first-hand experience with a Toshiba drive.