Laptop won`t read DVD`s

My boss has a Toshiba Satellite A30 laptop with a Matshita UJDA750 DVD/CDRW drive. Recently, it has stopped playing DVD`s. His children use it as a portable DVD player, and as its the holidays, he is getting nagged at !!

It has worked fine for 18 months, but after testing it this morning, it will only read CDs, not DVDs. The DVDs are commercial, so should be no disc issues, especially as i have tried 7 different movies. It plays data & music CDs no problem. It even plays backup music Cd`s out of my car.

I have tried all the usual, lens cleaning, safe mode, deleting the IDE controllers etc. Tranfer rate is reported as UDMA mode 2. As i do not have much to do with laptops, i don`t know what to try next. Also, as the laptop is not mine, i need to be more careful than usual. :slight_smile:

I can purchase a replacement drive, best i could find is £109 + VAT :eek:

Anyone got any suggestions? Do you think the drive has failed? Can a drive just fail on the DVD side?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe his kid has changed the region settings?

If dvd software has been uninstalled, there is a chance that it took the info to be able to play dvds with it. Try downloading powerdvd, and see what happens. If in my computer it still says that its a dvd drive you should be ok. Also you could have a look for updated firmware.

I thought that also. But no. The region code is fine. Have also checked with a data dvd (Verb MCC04 burned on a 4167). Same problem.

The laptop does not recognize there is a DVD in the drive, whatever format. Cd`s work just fine.

Windows recognizes the drive ok, & reports it correctly as a DVD/CD-RW drive in “my computer”.

Uninstalled and re-installed win-dvd. Also tried power DVD. Windows media player reports no disc in drive, with a DVD inserted. Power/Win DVD just do nothing when i press play.

Just find it strange that only the DVD side of a drive would fail.

@haveacigar, was typing while you posted. :slight_smile:

sounds like it could be a firmware problem then, ill have a look about for you

I need to type faster. LOL

Thanks Haveacigar. Any help would be appreciated.

well i found this but can you post what the firmware revision is? thought download nero infotool and see if it says that you are able to view dvds.

These are the only boxes ticked regarding DVD in info tool


Have only posted the DVD info of course.

Info tool reports no ASPI is installed at all. Is this the problem? If so, why would it suddenly not be there?

Firmware version of the drive is 1.50

Off home now, so no access to the laptop. Keep any suggestions coming though. I can then sort it on Monday.

I will carry this on later when i get home.

well you could apply the new firmware, but this may void the warrenty of your drive.

No need to waste time on linked firmware because it has a Sony Vaio check built in.

Sometime drives can die suddenly, resulting in DVD’s or CD’s not been recognized anymore.
Sorry, I run out of ideas. :wink: