Laptop With DVD Burner

I’m looking at buying the Lenovo Thinkpad Z60m, it can be found at the following link:

it says it comes with a DVD Burner, exact wording: DVD Recordable Max 8X

It does not mention a CD burner or a CD-ROM drive. Is it able to burn CDs or play them? Can it only burn DVDs or can it play them (you must be rolling around on the ground laughing at me by now… :bigsmile: !)

Thank you so much for your help.

The ones that say CD-RW/DVD-ROM burn CD and not DVD. The Super Multi drives burn both. All the drives listed will read CD and DVD. regards, gamma1

indeed. ROM stands for “read only memory” which means that you can only read it, however not write to it. RW means that you can Read/Write to it

Same with media

Dvd - Rom : Already written on, cant be written to again
dvd -/+ r: write once
Dvd -/+ rw: Write as many times as you want
dvd ram: like a big floppy disk, and files are dragged and dropped


Never heard of the brand and since the “Laptop” is not easily upgradeable at least by users (except for memory & hard drive) I recommend to go for brand name that you can rely on their warranty. Brand like Toshiba, Dell, Gateway are reliable ones.

Lenovo aquired the IBM personal computer division. regards, gamma1

Thanks for information now we know that the company is reliable entity.

Thanks, so from what I gather if I want a combined CD/DVD burner, I have to upgrade it?