Laptop will install software from DVD, but Desktop won't read disk

I have a program that I bought the license for 2nd hand, that will install on my Sony Vaio laptop but not on my HP desktop. Installation requires the DVD for some reason as there is an automatic popup that asks for the DVD even though i was able to put the files that were on the DVD on a flash drive.

The computer tries to read the disk on the desktop but then just stops. It acts like the dvd is dirty, but it’s not AND I am able to install it on another computer.

I don’t have windows updates b/c the desktop is not on a network as it is exclusively a studio computer.

I’ve tried with no success:

  1. Installing via flash drive.
  2. Cleaning the dvd drive.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I only need this program on my desktop and this is driving me nuts.


If you gave someone a hint what the program is then maybe some help is possible…

The program is Reason 4.0, a music production software program.,282,283,320,328,341,343,517,455,497,565,568,569,576,578,580,581,586,588&SupportType=Area&Product=11

Thanks pipemanid, but this isn’t a license issue. It’s a dvd reading issue. I’m trying to figure out why my dvd drive on one computer isn’t reading but the other is.


If you have access to another DVD drive that might be the problem…Will it read other DVD’s?

Both dvd drives will read other dvds. This particular dvd is only being read by one of the drives :confused:

Is there maybe a way to trick the desktop into thinking my flash drive (on which I loaded all the files on the disk from my laptop) into thinking that the flash drive is the dvd drive? Or another alternative, such as using my XBOX 360 as a 2nd dvd drive or something?

There may be a hidden file on the DVD which prevents illegal copying…Some software is sneaky that way…
Can you network the laptop and desktop and install from the laptop?

The real issue is that in My Computer the DVD drive is never explorable in a similar way when the disk is dirty or scratched. Do you think I need an updated dvd driver or something?

And the install evidently requires it to boot from the DVD drive on the computer on which I am installing to. Is there a way to bypass this with your networking suggestion?

FYI, in device manager it has my DVD info as HL-DT-ST DVDRW GSA-H20L if that helps any.

Thanks again, and happy new year.