Laptop/verbatim/dvd burning problems

Hey, I have a laptop that I do my dvd burning on.

For some reason, when I go to put a blank dvd into the burner to make my copy, it spits it out saying I need to insert a blank dvd.

Sometimes I have to repeatedly put it in over and over and over again, and it might take…other times I have to cancel and try again the next day, or later on in the day.

I do have slysoft downloaded onto my laptop…could that be causing the problem?

But, I tried to copy a dvd tonight without using the slysoft software because the dvd was not copy protected and it did the same thing.

Is it the Verbatim dvds? Or is my laptop jacked?

Any help would be mucho appreciated.


If it just started doing this or has been getting worse for awhile i would say the drive is on it’s way out. Is it under warranty?

Well, I just got it about 2 months ago…and just started using the burner part yesterday…so it just started doing it…but I also just started using it.


So it’s still under warranty?

As rolling recommended I were you I would take back to the retailer and have them exchange the laptop is not worthwhile to dig in to troubleshooting it when you have bought it recently and is under warrant.

hey i have a toshiba A105 satellite
Core Duo
now i dont know whether its a problem wiht the burner or software
but 30% of d times the dvds cant burn
it says unspecified recorder error and cannot perform disc at once
what problem could this be
i use NERO
and i have sonic record now
i used cheap DVDs of not so good quality
but the same ones.some of them successfully burnt others did not
please help
before i spend hell lot on DVDs

@kavish2000 - welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Based on your limited details, it sounds like a media problem, especially since you say you use cheap discs (the problem with cheap media is that some may burn perfectly, whilst others may be coasters, as you describe).

Try some better media (e.g. Verbatim) and report back if that doesn’t help.

BTW, this is a hijack of someone else’s thread, so perhaps it could be split off to its own thread.

Imarocker-I agree that you should return to the retailer and see what they can do for you-under warranty. Verbatim Dvd’s are generally very good to excellent.
The drive, could have a dirty lens or other issue, btw. You did not tell us whether it works ok with CD’s. Regardless-take it back.
Kavish2000 and Imarocker - If you have both Roxio/Sonic and NERO on your machine-this could very well be the source of some of your problem. Both have their own drag-n-drop programs (DLA and InCD) and they are known to conflict with each other and are somewhat buggy. If you can remove these and use something such as Ashampoo Burning Studio (free trial) this would help narrow the issue.