Laptop Upgrade

I have the opportunity to buy a Compaq Evo e600c laptop for a nice deal right now. Its got a 1.2 ghz p3-m, 256 meg ram. the thing that sucks is the Radeon mobillity. (its not even the 7000, it can barely rrun quake 3). What i need to know is can the video be upgraded on laptops? how about this particular one. im very interested in getting the Mobility 9600.

No, there is NO was to upgrade build in video cards on Laptops. Sorry.:eek:

Unfortunately, laptops do have one major disadvantage over desktop PCs and that is being unable to upgrade the graphics card. Even if a desktop motherboard has a graphics card built onboard, it can nearly always be upgraded by getting an AGP graphics card for it assuming it’s a modern board of an AGP port. Laptops are a different story. Some modern laptops such as the Dell Latitude have a min-PCI port on them, but I am not aware of any graphics card that fits in one of these slots.

Almost everything else in a laptop apart from the CPU, built in CD/DVD-ROM drive and display can be upgraded in some way. Upgrades that can be made in a Laptop include modem/network card upgrade (PCMCIA slot removable internal or USB external), sound card (USB external such as SB Extidgy), hard drive (replace existing internal) and almost everything else by a PCMCIA version or a USB/Firewire external version. From what I’m aware of, the graphics card and built in display are the only two things that cannot be upgraded.

I’m actually kinda curious with this topic too, I have a Mobility Radeon 9000 in my laptop currently, and it is very good already, i’m not complaining. But if I want to play games like Doom 3 or HL2 sooner or later, I’m pretty sure i’m going to need something even more powerful. Now, in this case, would it be possible to upgrade to that? I’m most likely not really going to do that cause the upgrade will probably cost alot anyway, more wise to just build a desktop system for the games… but I was just wondering…

All current laptops from what I’m aware of have the graphics built physically onto the motherboard, much like the ‘all-in-one’ motherboards for desktop PCs. Unlike the other components in a PC apart from the RAM and CPU, the graphics component requires very fast throughput from the CPU and memory in order to keep up with all those fancy textures in mordern games. This would make it impossible to develop a USB/Firewire/PCMCIA graphics adaptor unless high resolution motion graphics is not a concern.

With all the progress going on in Laptops, there may someday be a ‘Mini AGP’ port similar to the Mini-PCI slots in the current high end laptops. Another problem with high end graphics cards is cooling and I’m sure there are very few (if any) high end AGP graphics cards without a fan. Like the CPU, high end graphics cards require forced air cooling or something else that can displace large quantities of heat. Most laptops tend to use the same fan for cooling the CPU as the graphics CPU.

At present, the only way to upgrade the laptop graphics card is to get a new laptop :confused: If you play games at home mainly, then it would be really worth building a desktop PC. This way, you can use the desktop for games playing and the Laptop for everything else such as watching DVDs :cool:

Hmm, Someone told me i may be able to do it, but not myself, that id have to have a professional do it, maybe they were just guessing. I have seen little slots on some older integrated AGP graphics Dells that say “video upgrade” by them, they looked pretty similar to old SIMM(?) type memory connector, and thought maybe there might be something similar in laptops? I’ve been in and built plenty of desktops but never been inside a laptop. Thanks for your replies.

These are old rumours! Many manufacturer have the mentioned video upgrade ports and most of them even use a plugging system with which a original graphics accellerator easily can be exchanged. Even horrible Dell Notebooks nowadays come with exchangeable vgas.