Laptop to TV video connection



Can someone recommend the best forum for this topic? can’t get laptop to play on TV. Also, is there a way to paste a small jpg into a posting to help explain my situation?



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How are you connecting the laptop to the tv?


In reply to Kerry56, I’m trying to connect my Dell laptop to an LCD flat screen that does [U]not [/U]have a VGA input. I use the thing shown below to connect the laptop VGA out to either an S-video cable or the yellow composit video cable to the TV and after toggling Fn-F8, I get no image on the TV. The TV is high def, so there should be no resolution mismatch. I also messed with the Display Properties where you enable a 2nd display with no results. I know the laptop can do this since if I connect it VGA to VGA on a neighbor’s TV, it does exactly what I want and all I have to do is toggle Fn-F8 for the TV to light up. I hear from some I need to buy a VGA to TV adapter box if my TV does not have a VGA input. Can anyone confirm that I need an adapter?

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There’s no guarantee that the adapter you’re using will work because it requires the needed signals to be available on the appropriate pins on the DB15(VGA) connector…

Read this explanation and maybe something there will work…


OK, that helped. Since the TV I really want to go to is S-video or composit in only (10 yr old analog rear projection), I need a VGA to S-video converter for $30.




what Dell laptop do you have exactly? Are you sure it has no TV out connector?



No TV out. It’s a vanilla 3 yr old Inspiron B130 with only VGA, some USBs, a CAT5 and modem port. That’s it. I falsely assumed that since you can get a passive dongle with VGA to RCA composite and S-video for $5, that it meant I could go directly to the TV front mounted ports. My old 50" rear projection has a great picture and no signs of dying, but when I upgrade to LCD or LED, I won’t have a problem since they come with VGA and/or HDMI. Although for HDMI you apparently need a $100+ converter from VGA.

What I really would like to do is find a [U]wireless [/U]solution to get a VGA signal from my “big” desktop PC where the photos reside at one end of my house to the other end (50’) to the TV, rather than use a laptop sitting in front of the TV. The only reason for the laptop solution was as a relay point since it accesses the photos via wireless to the main PC. Radio Shack has something like this and then there’s the Western Digital Media Player that looks promising, but its CAT5 network input is wired only. Wonder if I could feed this input from a Linksys wireless access point? Seems like it should work but it ups the cost of the solution.

Suggestions ?



Hi,[QUOTE=pcguy9441;2481433]No TV out. It’s a vanilla 3 yr old Inspiron B130 with only VGA, some USBs, a CAT5 and modem port. That’s it. [/quote]Okay. I only wanted to make sure.

Suggestions ?
In case, your desktop computer has a TV out connector, maybe a device like this: is an option for you. That particular device is not a recommendation, it was the first thing I found with Aunt Google. I am sure, similar hardware is available for much less money.



Yes, I have TV out as I just added a nice Nvidia video card. I’ll check out your suggestion…thanks